Media Reviews


Affiliate stations in cities across the entire courtry show Animusic clips in various spots between programs (or occationally an entire 30-minute show). Stations get great feedback from viewers, and we continue to hear from people how tell us they first saw it on PBS!


Reporter Steve Young says, "I've never seen anything like it. Animusic is cutting edge and amazing".

Tech TV

Animusic videos create the most fan mail ever for "Eye Drops" series.

3D World

"Pipe Dream" voted one of the 50 best 3D animation projects ever. Most of the winners were big-budget movies (The Matrix, Toy Story, Star Wars) and a few video/computer games (Doom, Tomb Raider, Myst).


"Aqua Harp" voted best animation video; "Drum Machine" and "Stick Figures" also in top 10. Animusic videos have been viewed over 250,000 times on

Classic Arts Showcase

"Aqua Harp" is a favorite segment on this cable TV channel.

Atom Films

"'Pipe Dream' features imaginative instruments that come to life in a stunning display of sight and sound." Atomfilms viewers give Pipe Dream a 5-star rating.

Children's Software & New Media Review

The highly respected Children's Software & New Media Revue gives Animusic 5 stars. "This is an excellent way to help children visualize musical concepts like pitch, rhythm, volume, and tonal coloring. You have to see it to believe it."

WTVH Syracuse

TV Reporter Trish Lamonte says Wayne Lytle is breaking new ground.

Parenting magazine

Animusic\'s DVD is chosen for "Parenting Picks". Reviewer Bruce Kluger says the DVD is an "eye popper" where unique instruments perform a "captivating concert".

"The visualizations are spectacular, the mood perfect, and the music astounding. Lytle and his crew have done a wonderful job."

CG Channel

"Watch the animations and you'll realize just how complex and inspiring Animusic really is."

Animation World Network

Animation World Network profiles Animusic and calls it "fascinating".

Sterophile Guide to Home Theater

Animusic recommended as an excellent DVD to own for your home theater.

This is True

Colorado humorist Randy Cassingham writes in the 'This is True' email newsletter, "ANIMUSIC is cool, compelling and incredible. Get the DVD." guide Laurel Miller-Daly gives 5 stars for Animusic. Why?

  • Terrific music.
  • Fabulous animation.
  • Mind blowing.

Digitally Obsessed

Reviewer Dan Lopez says, "Almost hypnotically, the videos undoubtedly will draw almost anyone into them. You'll want to spy just how a certain instrument functions, or how realistically it vibrates or operates. The little details pile up to a bewildering technical achievement."

Audiophile Audition

From John Sunier's review: "The animation is exquisitely detailed and fascinating in its rendering of the self-playing instruments. But the coolest aspect of this production is the synchronization between the music . . . the correlation is uncannily accurate."

Enjoy the Music

"The Best DVD in the CES show was one entitled 'Animusic', featuring computer-generated instruments and original music. The amount of imagination and creativity that went into this is astounding, and the Pipe Dream segment is especially mind-blowing. It has to be seen to be believed."