Animusic in Education

What do elementary school students say after seeing Animusic?

"That was AWESOME!"
"There are so many sounds and stuff to watch!"
"How did they do that?"
"Can we watch it again?"


Gregory Brown (right) looks on as student
Paul Wade syncs up to Pipe Dream.

Gregory Brown didn't really enjoy music lessons as a child. "They were so boring!" he says. As an adult, he got past those early frustrations and became an accomplished piano player and vocalist, going on to perform at Carnegie Hall.

These days, besides his performing and studio work, Brown himself teaches music – and loves it! He keeps the lessons engaging and fun for students, and that's where Animusic comes in.

"When beginners can see and hear those cool instruments play it makes a huge difference in helping them understand rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony."

We're told that some students ask to watch Animusic at every lesson. Their favorites include Starship Groove, Pipe Dream, and Resonant Chamber. Pipe Dream in particular turns out to be an excellant tool for explaining anticipation, which Brown emphesizes is key to good performance.

Not just for Kids


Joseph Pisano (left) and music education colleague Stacy Paparone discuss Animusic with undergraduate Music Education Majors at Grove City College.

Joseph Pisano is a fine arts professor at Grove City College (north of Pittsburgh, PA) where he instructs students planning to teach music. He's also a jazz trumpet player and both well-versed and well-published in the fields of music education and music technology. 

And a big Animusic fan.

"The first time you see it you immediately get enthralled," he says.

Dr. Pisano makes sure that future music teachers appreciate all the ways Animusic can help them when they have their own classes.

"First of all, it's a great hook to get kids engaged. And the details help illustrate all sorts of musical concepts, such as arpeggios and timbre."

He discovered Animusic watching PBS, and immediately ordered the DVDs. Pisano loves that the animations are almost believable, and that so much thought went into music-related nuances, such as the gradually decaying vibrations of plucked strings as the notes fade.

Teacher Guides

Music teachers at all levels include Animusic in their instruction, and we certainly encourage educational usage. Two educators have created teacher companion guides – one for each DVD, which can be downloaded from our education page. If you know a music teacher who might find this interested, please do let them know about it.


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