Kansas DVD Features Two Custom Animations

October 2002

On October 8, the legendary band Kansas released a live concert DVD, entitled Device Voice Drum.

Animusic produced two 1-minute custom animations of Kansas music for this project: one live segment, and one studio cut. . . .

In June 2002, the band had recorded a live concert for the DVD and chose to animate the instrumental middle section of "Miracles Out of Nowhere" (from their Leftoverture album). Following the show, vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh transcribed to MIDI each note played by each instrument in the band (for that 1-minute segment). This MIDI data was used to procedurally animate a unique group of instruments to play that segment of the song.

Additionally, Walsh had composed an instrumental show-opening piece which was also animated by Animusic, driven from Walsh's MIDI data. After viewing the animations a number of times, Kansas decided to use Animusic's artwork for the cover of both the DVD and audio CD (an unexpected surprise).