Pipe Dream Music Perfomed by "Many Stephens"

Aaron Freeder and Stephen Pursey were neighbors, good friends, and members of the Solon High School marching band (Solon is a suburb of Cleveland, OH). Then they became partners in an elaborate video production: creating a "one man band" video featuring the music of Pipe Dream.

The two got inspired to make the music video after seeing the screensaver version of Pipe Dream that came bundled with ATI video cards.

Late one night, armed with video gear and a boom box, the guys took over the school band hall and shot video for 10 hours straight. Aaron did the camera work and directing while Stephen, a drummer and percussionist, performed the various instrument parts (without the help of sheet music he'd like to add).

Stephen Pursey performs with... Stephen Pursey

One Student, Many Roles

Stephen wore several different "outfits" (there aren't a lot of costume options in a high school band hall) and with Aaron's careful shooting and editing he often appears 2 or 3 times in the same shot, giving the appearance of multiple performers. Aaron does have a couple of quick cameo appearences but Stephen is really the one man in the band.

After many long nights of editing, Aaron posted the video to YouTube and people started watching. Thousands of people, more than had ever seen his other videos.

"We had no idea it would be so popular, it's really incredible!," says Aaron, who is now attending Syracuse University.

Given the response, Aaron and Stephen decided to go back to the band hall and shoot a sequal, featuring the music from, what else, "Pipe Dream 2." Same drill as the first video, but the "volume 2" video has become even more popular, getting over 100,000 views on YouTube.

"Every day somebody makes a comment or asks a question about how we made the videos," says Aaron, "and people can't believe that it's just Stephen in all the shots."

Now college students, Stephen and Aaron have fewer chances to make videos together, but when Animusic 3 comes out Aaron says they'll find a way to continue their series.


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