Work With Us

Animusic is always interested in hearing from talented people with a passion for animation and music, or for writing great software (especially interactive 3D). Most of our creative work occurs at our production facility in Ithaca, NY (map, city info).

We tend to wear several hats at the same time, and are more than happy to share these hats with others. These areas include:

  • C++ development (VC++, OOD, Qt, OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph)
  • Modeling (Softimage XSI, primarily)
  • CG Cameras, Lighting, Compositing
  • Shader development (Renderman, OpenGL, etc.)
  • Pipeline tools, IT, frame wrangling
  • Photoshop, After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro
  • Web design, Flash, html, etc.
  • Video game development
  • Visual art
  • Graphic Design and Pre-press
  • MIDI, Digital Audio, Sound Design
  • Production/Project management

While we do (and will continue to) work with some folks remotely on a contract basis, we hope to find people to work closely with on-site: talking face-to-face, scribbling on paper and pointing at monitors together.

If you're interested in working with us in some way, please drop us an email, a resume, and a link to work examples we can see online - send to: resumes (at)