Online Video Policy

First of all, thank you for your enthusiasm and support of Animusic.

That may seem like simply “the thing to say”, but since we make our living entirely from selling our content (e.g. our DVD’s), we mean that quite sincerely, we do appreciate your support.

Many of you demonstrate your enthusiasm and support by telling others about us and sharing content online. All of this really does wonders for promoting Animusic. In fact, grass-roots word of mouth marketing is often more effective than expensive marketing campaigns.

However, as the online video world is growing and changing exponentially, various business/legal types have encouraged us to form a policy regarding how Animusic videos may be digitally “shared” (uploaded, downloaded, etc.) with the (digital) world.

We have officially designated a certain small subset of our animations as “promo pieces” that may be downloaded, viewed, uploaded, e-mailed, blogged or whatever other method you want to use to share Animusic with friends. We have to add “until further notice” since who knows what the future may hold and we might have to do something different. For the foreseeable future, please share away with our thanks.

For all of the other pieces found on the DVDs, we’ll have to ask you not to share them (e.g. ripping entire animations from a DVD and posting on YouTube). If you send a short clip such as the ones found on our site to spread the word…that’s great! We love that. It’s when our entire DVD ends up on YouTube (at a quality that’s far inferior to the DVD), some people just watch that and don’t buy the DVD. Clearly this isn’t the healthiest things for a small company trying to compete in a pretty intense space.

We are working on making more content available online, such as through iTunes and other digital download companies. We also are providing promo approach clips that we encourage you to share:

"Starship Groove" and "Resonant Chamber" from the Animusic 2 DVD.

The promo versions of these pieces are availabe on our Downloads page.

From time to time we may add other clips or full promo animations. For now, we hope this is a workable solution for everyone.

Please understand that almost nobody is doing anything purposely “bad”, but sometimes even pure-hearted enthusiasm can have unforeseen consequences. We’re doing our best to show our deep appreciation while navigating this dynamic digital space.

Thanks again!!


If you have questions about any of this please feel free to contact us:


Mailing address

P.O. Box 162107
Austin, TX 78716