Custom Content

The ANIMUSIC production team spends the vast majority of its time producing original content and doing technology R&D for next generation projects.

On a very limited basis, we may undertake side projects. Usually these involve custom-format rendering of one of our animations (e.g. HD, ultra-high-res, stereoscopic 3D, dome-projection, etc.).

These tend to be for corporate clients such as HP, Texas Instruments, Disney, or ATI, and involve sizable budgets (at least 5 figures).

While there are so many cool bands and interesting ideas out there that we really wish we had time for, our limited resources preclude us from pursuing most side projects such as those often proposed by musicians and bands.

That said, if you have a substantial budget and would like to discuss a custom project, drop us a line at biz.

Kansas DVD

In 2002, we produced two 1-minute custom animations for the concert DVD from Kansas, entitled Device Voice Drum.

The band filmed a live concert for the DVD and chose to animate the instrumental middle section of "Miracles Out of Nowhere" (from Leftoverture).

Following the show, vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh transcribed to MIDI each note played by each instrument in the band (for that 1-minute segment). This MIDI data was used to procedurally animate a unique group of instruments to play that segment of the song.

Additionally, Walsh had composed an instrumental show-opening piece which was also animated by Animusic, driven from Walsh's MIDI data. After viewing the animations a number of times, Kansas decided to use Animusic's artwork for the cover of both the DVD and audio CD (an unexpected surprise).