Animusic, LLC is a computer animation company with the singular focus of animating music. We are based in Ithaca, NY., with LLC members also residing in Austin, TX and San Diego, CA.

Our content is primarily released as "video album" DVDs. But we've also produced animations for corporate clients such as HP, Disney, and Texas Instruments.

Group photo

Both music and visuals are entirely digitally synthesized. We “invent” imaginary Virtual Instruments by building computer graphics models of objects that appear to create the sound of the corresponding synthesized music track.

Virtual Instruments range from being reminiscent of existing instruments to arbitrarily abstract.

The animation of note elements is generated automatically by our proprietary software called ANIMUSIC|studio. Our technique is analytical and note-based (as opposed to being reactive and sound-based).

Our internal software continues to move towards interactive real-time application, but our focus continues to be on pre-rendered content ( e.g. DVDs ) rather than interactive applications such as video games…

DVDs …so far, anyway.