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So12 The Sound of 12 CD

An album of high-energy instrumental electronic rock.

Produced along the journey to create the next DVD release,
Wayne aggressively strived to re-establish music as the heart of Animusic.

This is the soundtrack of that battle.

MP3 sample clips:

01 - My King
02 - Symphonica
03 - EchoKrunch
04 - Trimensional Battle
05 - Glarpedge
06 - Emoticondria
07 - Polyannagon
08 - Time Winder
09 - Restival
10 - Progassaurus
11 - Victory over Urgency
12 - Fruitful Vision

Produced by Animusic director, Wayne Lytle.

ALL MUSIC (no visuals)!

"Ears happy! Eyes envious!"
- reaction from early recipient of So12

Background Info:

Over the course of production, Wayne began to sense an imbalance in juggling his time and focus between music, animation, and software. Perhaps he had it backwards? So he made a concerted effort to "re-establish music as the backbone of Animusic". The fruit is an audio CD...the soundtrack of his personal battle, if you will.

Initially a vehicle for producing music completely free of any thoughts of animation, over time it began to incorporate some sonic patterns that were "not necessarily totally unrelated to Animusic 3".

Is that mysterious enough? To clarify... This is not the Soundtrack for Animusic 3 (that comes after the DVD). But it comes from the same heart. Perhaps you will enjoy it!