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Animusic 1 CD Soundtrack

The music from Animusic's debut DVD.

Soundtrack from all 7 animations on the DVD, plus 3 additional tracks. Re-mixed and re-mastered for optimal CD sound; each piece has a fixed stereo image, rather than dynamically panning in correlation to the visuals.

MP3 sample clips:

 Future Retro (2.4Mb)
 Stick Figures (1.3Mb)
 Aqua Harp (1.2Mb)
 Drum Machine (2.1Mb)
 Seventh Alloy (1.4Mb) - bonus
 PipeDream (1.2Mb)
 AcousticCurves (1.4Mb)
 ASlightDelay (1.3Mb) - bonus
 TheHarvester (1.3Mb) - bonus
 HarmonicVoltage (1.3Mb)

Produced by Wayne Lytle.